Nancy Castiglioni's Bio

Nancy Castiglioni is a Pilates Instructor and International Presenter who has taught classes and workshops to instructors in England, Korea, Qatar, Italy, Panama, Argentina, Paraguay, Dubai and India.

Nancy Castiglioni

She is a Founding Presenter of "It's a Pilates Party". She has also been a presenter at Momentum Fest. She has been featured in Pilates Style Magazine, Pilates TV and several other major Instagram pages.

She has been a ballet dancer and a gymnast and now shares her passion for Pilates through her platform, her Instagram page @nancycastiglioni and at Classic Pilates Studio in Panama City, Panama, where she currently resides, and around the world through her workshops and master classes. She is Balanced Body Mat certified, has a Classical Mat certification through IRPA Internacional, and is also certified as a Full Studio Classical Pilates Professor through L'arte International / Mariano Dolagaray.

Nancy Castiglioni

Some of the additional workshops and courses Nancy has taken:

Anula Maiberg - Mobilize to Stabilize

Anula Maiberg - Where should I be feeling this? Pilates Flow for Uncertain Times

Christy McCabe - Fun, Function and Flow on the Mat

Cloe Sommadossi - Anatomy

Eric Carlovich - Intermediate Studio Practice

Eric Carlovich - The Role of the Instructor 

Eric Carlovich - The "Link" between Cadillac & Reformer

Facundo Gorostiaga - FAB (Physiology, Anatomy and Biomechanics)

Jill Harris - Pilates Mat with Props, Hiit & More

Jill Harris - Pilates with Props

Joy Puleo - Anatomy in Three Dimensions for the Pelvic Floor

Joy Puleo - Balancing the Psoas

Katharine Jemmett - The Powerhouse

Linda Henriquez & Marcy Shafler - Imagery for Healthy Knees

Linda Henriquez - Franklin Method - Pelvic Power

Mariano Dolagaray - Pre Pilates

Mariano Dolagaray - Deconstructing Pilates Mat Moves

Melissa Connolly - Pilates Mat: Zen and Flow

Paul Howser - Mat with Therabands

Saul Choza - Infinite Possibilities on the Mat

Sian Marshall - Cardio Reformer: Power of the Pelvic Floor

Thicha Srivisal - Open Your Hips

Tom McCook - Youthful Spine / Effortless Posture with the Franklin Method and Pilates

Tom McCook of Center of Balance: - Art of Touch: Developing Mastery with Hands on Cueing

Tom McCook of Center of Balance: - Balance the pelvis, legs and feet with the Franklin Method and Pilates

Tom McCook of Center of Balance: Combining Pilates and Yoga for Balance

Troy McCarty - Hand Cues for Teaching (Reformer and Tower)

Troy McCarty - Releasing Pain Through Movement

Troy McCarty - Strong and Flexible (Floor Barré and Mat)

Zayna Gold - Reducing Low Back Pain

Zayna Gold & Carin Lennox - Standing Pilates: Barre and Beyond

Zayna Gold / Carin Lennox - Ageless Pilates: Sexy, Sassy & Strong

Zayna Gold / Carin Lennox - Pilates & Barre Fusion